How to Contribute

We rely on local research to keep our resources up to date. This “quick comment” interactive facility will allow you to contribute to our research  and help to keep the framework relevant.  Users may contribute to most pages by following the tutorial below:

An image of a small black speech bubble with a red plus sign in it.

In order to contribute, hover your cursor over the  paragraph or heading which you would like to interact with. If commenting is available on these pages,  click on the speech bubble which will appear on the right hand side (pictured right).

An image of a comment box, showing four fields: comment, name, email and website, and two buttons, "post comment" and "cancel".

This will open a comment box (pictured left) and allow you to tell us about your research, helpful links or details of projects.

Your personal details, including your name and email address, will not appear unless otherwise stated, but provision of these will allow us to follow up with you on regional research.

In order to send us your comment, you should leave your name and email address (marked by an asterisk*). You can then post your comments. These comments will not appear as publicly viewable until approved by an EMHERF moderator.

General comments (including, for example, recommendations for further enhancement of the wiki) may be provided by contacting the project team at

*The Research Agenda and Strategy will be provided with a bespoke comment and question facility (forthcoming) which will allow the research framework to develop over time and remain relevant. Additional information on the structure and use of this facility will be provided when it becomes available.