Overarching Agenda Themes

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The published Research Assessment and Agenda defined a series of four overarching research themes and, within each of these, a number of sub-themes [1]. This useful scheme has been amplified here to take account of subsequent work and stakeholder comments, with further subdivision of certain themes and the addition of an environmental research theme. For ease of reference, these overarching research themes are presented here in a tabular format with indications of period correlations.

Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire: Elizabethan manor house, Augustinian priory church, medieval village earthworks and parkland features form just some of the elements of a landscape palimpsest preserving plentiful opportunities for the investigation of cross-period themes (© National Trust)

[1] Cooper, N J 2006 ‘Cross-period research and the foundation of a research strategy’ in The Archaeology of the East Midlands, 287-291

3 thoughts on "Overarching Agenda Themes"

  1. John Walford says:

    The overarching research themes lack anything to do with methodological issues and don’t pay much attention to specialist disciplines. For instance, the lack of any reference to geophysics is striking, as is the lack of anything about finds research. Could these sorts of omissions be addressed when the agenda is updated?

  2. John Walford says:

    The table format seems wrong, with “overarching themes/period” headers randomly inserted in the middle of the “rural landscape” and “social, religious and political” tables. Can this be tidied up?

  3. John Walford says:

    Is it a mistake that the ‘Roman’ box is checked in the row about ‘development of monastic estates’?

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