We would like to thank English Heritage for funding this project and especially Jonathan Last who has monitored the progress of the work. We are also grateful to the Department of Archaeology, University of York, and in particular Claire McNamara, Claire Watkins, Jo Tozer and Ben Elliott who have provided additional administrative support. We thank ADS for technical support and particularly Catherine Hardman and Tim Evans who have provided expertise on the production of a dedicated site where the framework and associated documents will be hosted. We also thank the Council for British Archaeology and particularly Catrina Appleby and Frances Mee, along with Lucy Frontani of Carnegie Publishing, for producing the paper version of the Framework. Finally, we are extremely grateful to everyone who participated in the construction of the Assessment report and the Framework through email correspondence and participation in the on-line discussion. We would particularly like to thank the following people for attending a meeting for interested experts from across the sector and for commenting on and providing text and images for this document: Martin Bell, Fraser Brown, Chantal Conneller, Lynden Cooper, Oliver Craig, Ben Elliott, Tim Evans, Simon Fitch, Vince Gaffney, Jim Innes, Jonathan Last, Maria Medlycott, Andrew Myers, Matt Pope, Alan Saville, Rick Schulting, Penny Spikins, Sue Stallibrass, Fraser Sturt, and Clive Waddington.