How to contribute

The framework encourages participation and comments from members of the public. Users may contribute and add comments on the web pages once they have logged in.

To use the framework and make comments, simply register or log in from the homepage and follow the instructions. This will allow you to add comments to each page on the website.

How the framework is organised

Introduction: Introduces the framework and history of the project.

Background: Addressed changes over the last 13 years in how the historic environment has been protected, managed, resourced and researched.

Resource Assessments: Presents a summary of current available evidence in the archaeological record in the North West for each time period, highlighting areas of research that require greater focus and investigation.

Research Agenda: Lists the key research questions for each time period.

Overarching questions and strategies: Lists research questions spanning multiple periods and themes for the region.

Overview: Provides and overview of the research framework.

Bibliography: All cited references during research for the framework.

Original Framework (2006-2007): PDFs of the original research framework documents.

Useful links: External links to useful websites.

How to search for information

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