Warehouses & Commercial Premises

Individual historic building surveys of commercial warehouses and premises in Liverpool (M) and Manchester (GM), and in smaller commercial centres such as Chester (Ch), Rochdale (GM), and Stockport (GM) have been undertaken in the last decade as part of the planning process. A wider framework for understanding these particular building types is provided by several synthetic studies. This includes an overview of the commercial and official buildings within the business and dock districts of Liverpool, tracing their development from the late 18th century to the mid-20th century (Sharples & Stonard 2008). A study of the northern quarter of Manchester encompassed the warehouse buildings of the late-18th to late-19th century in this area of the city. Many of these structures pre-dated the arrival of the railways and were associated with textile and food distribution (Taylor and Holder 2008).

The crossover of this subject with historical evidence is indicated by several studies of the development of the Manchester canal system from the 1790s to 1890s (Maw 2013; Maw, Wyke & Kidd 2009; Nevell & George 2017). These combine documentary and buildings archaeology material to chart the laying out, construction, and use of warehouses and wharves, and the various canal basins’ economic functions.

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