Research Assessments continued

The following sections present a summary of the archaeological and historic environment research undertaken in North West England since 2006 for each time period, from Prehistory up to the 20th century. Each section highlights the available evidence currently available in the archaeological record for each time period, whilst highlighting areas of research that need greater focus and investigation.


(Compiled by Mike Nevell)

Each chapter presents a summary of the archaeological and historic environment research undertaken in North West England since 2006 for the particular period or subject. The chapters arearranged using the same structure as the original resource assessment subject chapter for the first North West Archaeology Research Framework published in 2006 (Brennand et al 2006). The update is not a replacement of that work, but rather an addition and enhancement. The 2006 resource assessment text remains a key foundation document for regional research studies in North West England.Nor are the chapters merely a list of all work undertaken since 2006. Instead, they highlight key new data, emerging subject areas, and fresh synthesis in the decade or more since the original regional Research Framework was published.

The chapters have been compiled by an author with special knowledge of the period/subject area and use material provided by a variety of researchers who are also credited. The project included consultation and workshops designed to highlight any omissions in recent significant work. The chaptersprovide the framework for revised questions and supporting statements/strategies. Being available on this wiki platform allows historic environment practitioners to update and refresh these chapters as new research findings come to light or gaps in data/coverage are identified. It was agreed that these chapters should be published as a point-in-time monograph in 2020 through the CBA North West to complement the original volume of 2006.

The full 2006 text is available here.

Each resource assessment highlights important sites relating to that period in the North West. Each particular region is abbreviated with a letter in brackets as follows:

C = Cumbria

L = Lancashire

M = Merseyside

Ch = Cheshire

GM = Greater Manchester

WY = West Yorkshire