Upland settlement

An important study of an upland rural settlement was the comprehensive survey at Scordale (C) undertaken by English Heritage (now Historic England) in 2010 in response to increasing environmental damage from water run-off. This enabled several possible settlements and cattle-management systems to be identified, and whilst obtaining secure dating proved to be an issue in the absence of intrusive investigation, some of these sites were almost certainly of Post-Medieval origin. These included what are probably the remains of miners’ settlements and several shielings (Hunt and Ainsworth 2010). Similarly, the Lakes & Dales Project has been surveying the areas to be taken into the expanded national parks of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District and has attempted to integrate research by the aerial survey teams with topographical surveys, geophysical surveys, and small-scale targeted interventions for dating and palaeo-environmental evidence. The survey identified a significant number of new sites, emphasising the previously under-researched/resourced uplands of the region.

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