The 2006 review noted the lack of coastal studies however in recent years this area of study has started to take off most notably through large-scale mapping of the coastal zone. Hadrian’s Wall NMP covered the coastal fringes of Maryport to the Solway (Oakey 2009). The rest of the coast south of Maryport has been covered by the North-west Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey (RCZA). Evidence of medieval use of the coastal zone was highlighted through the identification of fish traps along the Lancashire and Cumbrian coast lines, possibly associated with the monastic houses. The survey also confirmed the presence of possible Monastic salt workings between St. Bees and Solway, previously only known through documentary evidence.

The Sand and Sea project explored the archaeological possibilities for lost medieval settlements beneath the mobile dunes of the Sefton coast line at Argarmeols, Ainsdale and Ravensmeols. Episodes of overwhelming from blown sand appear to be a regular occurrence from at least the 13th century whilst the low lying nature of the dune coasts might encourage preservation of these sites by waterlogging (Lewis and Stanistreet 2008, 57-58). As yet, the possible locations have not seen focused excavation but the monitoring and recording of sites exposed by erosion along the shore line coupled with retrieval of objects is expected under CITiZAN.

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