Contributors to the Project


John Allan, Exeter Archaeology

Mick Aston, University of Bristol

Nick Barton, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford

Martin Bates, University of Wales, Lampeter

Stuart Blaylock, Exeter Archaeology

Mike Bone, Association for Industrial Archaeology

Gail Boyle, Bristol City Council

Richard Brunning, Somerset County Council

Mark Corney, University of Bristol

Michael Costen, University of Bristol

Jo Cox, consultant

David Cranstone, consultant

Oliver Creighton, University of Exeter

Peter Davenport,Oxford Archaeology

David Dawson, ex Somerset County Museum Service

Madge Dresser, University of the West of England

Bruce Eagles, ex RCHME

Geoff Egan, Molas

David Evans, South Gloucestershire Council

Andrew Fitzpatrick, Wessex Archaeology

Paula Gardiner, University of Bristol

Keith Gardner, CBA South West

Chris Gerrard, Durham University

Frances Griffith, Devon County Council

Teresa Hall, University of Bristol

Frances Healy, University of Wales, Cardiff

Mike Heaton, consultant

Caroline Heighway, consultant

Peter Herring, Cornwall County Council

Iain Hewitt, Bournemouth University

Dan Hicks, University of Bristol

JD Hill, British Museum

David Hinton, University of Southampton

Neil Holbrook, Cotswold Archaeology

Della Hooke, University of Birminham

Terry Hopkinson, University of Leicester

Bill Horner, Devon County Council

Rob Hosfield, University of Reading

David Hunt, WW2 researcher

Roger Jacobi, Natural History Museum

Charles Johns, Cornwall County Council

Robert Johnston, University of Sheffield

Andy Jones, Cornwall County Council

Oliver Kent, University of the West of England

Tony King, University of Winchester

Peter Leach, consultant

Roger Leech, University of Southampton

Jodie Lewis, University of Worcester

Val Maxfield, University of Exeter

Roger Mercer, ex RCAHMS

Tom Moore, Durham University

Brian Murless, Somerset Industrial Archaeology Society

Phil Newman, English Heritage

Chris Norman, University of Bristol

Jacky Nowakowski, Cornwall County Council

Susan Pearce, University of Leicester

Josh Pollard, University of Bristol Mike Ponsford, consultant

Andrew Pye, Exeter City Council

Henrietta Quinnell, University of Exeter

Andrew Reynolds, Institute of Archaeology, London

Steve Rippon, University of Exeter

Jerry Sampson, consultant

Richard Sermon, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Adam Sharpe, Cornwall County Council

Vanessa Straker, English Heritage

Richard Tabor, University of Bristol

Charles Thomas

John Thorp, consultant

Jane Timby, consultant


In addition to local authorities, universities, contracting units and English Heritage, the following societies supported the project:

Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society

Cornwall Archaeological Society

Council for British Archaeology: Wessex

Council for British Archaeology: South West

Devon Archaeological Society

Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society

Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society


The following attended one or both of the seminars held in Bristol in 2005 (Resource Assessment) and 2006 (Research Agenda), providing lively and valuable debate:

Christine Anderson, Mick Aston, Talya Bagwell, Martyn Barber, Laura Basell, Peter Bellamy, Duncan Black, Oliver Blackmoor, Mike Bone, Mark Bowden, Gail Boyle, Kate Brady, Lee Bray, Gary Brown, Tony Brown, Richard Brunning, Judith Cannell, Toby Catchpole, Margaret Chapman, Peter Cox, Paul Cripps, Bob Croft, David Dawson, Bruce Eagles, Martin Ecclestone, Joy Ede, David Etheridge, David Evans, David Field, Hannah Firth, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Stuart Foreman, Lucy Franklin, Ralph Fyfe, Paula Gardiner, Catriona Gibson, Brian Gittos, Moira Gittos, Faye Glover, Frances Griffith, Joanne Hall, Teresa Hall, Susan Haywood, Veryan Heal, Frances Healy, Peter Herring, Bridget Hetzel, Neil Holbrook, Bill Horner, Rob Hosfield, David Hunt, Roger Jacobi, Charles Johns, Nick Johnson, Andrew Jones, Bob Jones, Julie Jones, Natalie Kennedy, Oliver Kent, Graeme Kirkham, Jonathan Last, Andrew Lawson, Peter Leach, Jane Marley, Katy Matthews, Richard McConnell, Steven Membery, Thomas Moore, Ian Morrison, David Mullin, Angela Newcombe, Rebecca Nicholason, Jacky Nowakowski, Richard Osgood, Ian Oxley, Martin Papworth, Charles Parry, Ruth Pelling, Claire Pinder, Josh Pollard, John Rhodes, Hazel Riley, Graham Scott, Andrew Smith, Wendy Smith, Mel Solik, Vanessa Straker, Graham Tait, Heather Tinsley, Ianto Wain, Katherine Walker, Chris Webster, Russell Weston, Cressida Whitton, Keith Wilkinson, Eileen Wilks, Howard Williams, Jan Wills, Frank Willy, Rachel Young.

The following organisations were represented:

AC Archaeology, Avon Archaeological Society, Axbridge Archaeological Society, Bristol City Council, Bristol City Museum, British Museum, CBA South West, Clevedon Archaeological Society, Context One Archaeological Services, Cornwall County Council, Cotswold Archaeology, Defence Estates, DEFRA, Devon County Council, Dorset County Council, English Heritage, Exeter University, Gloucester and District Archaeological Research Group, Gloucestershire County Council, National Trust, Oxford Archaeology, Plymouth University, Pre-Construct Archaeology, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, Royal Cornwall Museum, Somerset County Council, South Gloucestershire Council, Stroud and District Museum Service, Terrain Archaeology, University of Bristol, University of Exeter, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, University of Oxford, University of Reading, University of the West of England, University of Wales, Wessex Archaeology, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, Winchester University, Yeovil Archaeological Society.

Project Management Group

Gail Boyle, Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery

Bob Croft, Somerset County Council

Sue Davies, Wessex Archaeology

Steve Rippon, University of Exeter

Vanessa Straker, English Heritage

Chris Webster, Somerset County Council

Jan Wills, Gloucestershire County Council

Period Group Convenors

Mike Bone, Association for Industrial Archaeology

Bob Croft, Somerset County Council David Dawson, ex Somerset County Museum Andrew Fitzpatrick, Wessex Archaeology

Neil Holbrook, Cotswold Archaeology

Rob Hosfield, University of Reading

Josh Pollard, University of Bristol

Steve Rippon, University of Exeter

Chris Webster, Somerset County Council