How to Contribute

The framework encourages participation and comments from members of the public. Users may contribute and add comments on the web pages once they have logged in.

To use the framework and make comments, you will need to Register or log in. This will allow you to add comments to each page on the website.

The “quick comment” interactive facility will allow you to contribute to our research  and help to keep the framework relevant. To comment, hover your cursor over the  paragraph or heading which you would like to interact with. If commenting is available on these pages,  click on the speech bubble which will appear on the right hand side (pictured below).

An image of a small black speech bubble with a red plus sign in it.

This will open a comment box (pictured below) and allow you to tell us about your research, helpful links or details of projects.

Once your comment has been approved it will appear on the page, next to the paragraph on which you made the comment.