How to use the Research Framework site

How to navigate the site

This Framework is part of the Research Framework Network, please visit the main Network page to see the other Frameworks which are available. Images used in this guide are taken from across the Network.

Clicking on the top left name of the site will always take you back to the homepage for that Framework;

Clicking on the top left ‘Part of the Research Frameworks Network’ words will always take you back to the homepage of the Network allowing you to visit other frameworks.

Each framework has a number of ways to access the pages, and the research strategies and objectives. One way is the top menu which is available on all pages, some elements will also have dropdowns to other pages.

Many frameworks also have ‘cards’ on the front page which are clickable links to the sections of the framework site.

Registering to contribute/comment

In order to contribute/comment on the Framework you will need to register, please complete the registration process (the link will be on the main page menu) and read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Following registration you will be able to comment on various sections of the Frameworks across the whole Network.

How to contribute/comment

Frameworks rely on local research to keep up to date. This “quick comment” facility allows you to contribute to the research and help to keep the framework relevant.  You must be registered with the Network in order to comment.

In order to contribute, hover your cursor over the  paragraph or heading which you would like to interact with. If commenting is available on these pages, click on the speech bubble which will appear on the right hand side (pictured right).

This will open a comment box and allow you to tell us about your research, helpful links or details of projects. You can expand the box by pulling down on the right hand corner.

Your personal details, including your name and email address, will not appear unless otherwise stated, but provision of these will allow us to follow up with you on regional research.

These comments will be periodically reviewed and the information taken into account for revisions of the material presented on the site. Some framework steering groups have decided to make comments visible, others have not.

General comments (including, issues with the website) may be provided by emailing the Network team at .

What information can be contributed?

Please add any information you feel would further our knowledge of a particular period or geographical area. When choosing where to place your comment please try to place it on relevant paragraphs within the Framework.

What type of information is useful? This is up to you, but some suggestions for information to add:-

  • New knowledge/information gained during fieldwork/excavation
  • New knowledge/information gained during desk or lab based research
  • Links to new publications, ADS records, Grey literature, book publications, community websites.
  • Questions you have in regard to information within the framework narrative
  • Updates on sites or finds mentioned within the framework
  • Changes to understanding

Try to give as much information as possible to assist the Framework working group – if necessary they may contact you after review (please note, this may take some time depending on the framework).