Guide to copying a page between sites

Export from the original site

Identify the pages you want to copy – it is a good idea to make them unique if there are lots of pages on the site you’re copying from – eg. make them draft or private, or a single date of publication.

On the Dashboard menu of the Framework you want to copy from, click on Tools

Then click on Pages – choose the attributes of the pages you are looking for – Author and Status are probably the most useful.

You might want to change any pages you’re moving to ‘Pending’ so that they are easy to find in this process – DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE THEM BACK TO ORIGINAL STATUS.

Click on Download Export File

This will download the pages you’ve requested – it’s a good idea to view the resulting download in Notepad to check you’ve only got the pages you wanted.

Import to the new site

In the Framework site you’d like to import the pages to click on Tools again, and choose Import. One resulting menu click on WordPress Run Importer

On the next page click on Choose file and find the file you exported from the previous site.

Click on Upload file and import

You will need to assign an author (this can be an existing user or you can create a new user).
Also check the Download and import file attachments box.

Click on Submit

Go to the Pages menu to check the pages have imported – remember you’ll need to add the pages to any menus.

Also, if there are any links in the page you’ve imported, it’s a good idea to check that they still work correctly.