Research Agenda

This chapter provides a synthesis of current views on the priorities for research (the Agenda), together with measures proposed for the advancement of understanding (the Strategy).

Research Agenda

Eleven Agenda Themes were defined during the stakeholder consultations described in Chapter 1.5, and are listed below. More specific research questions (Agenda Topics) were identified within each Theme, and to assist referencing have been allocated unique numerical codes denoting both Theme and Topic (1.1, 1.2 and so forth).

Research Strategy

Strategies for building the foundations of further research have been defined in the preceding chapter, and attention is focused below upon measures for advancing understanding of the research priorities that are defined in the Agenda. These measures are termed here Strategic Objectives, emphasising thereby their close link to the Research Strategy and their focus upon clearly defined goals.1

Up to six Strategic Objectiveshave been defined for each Agenda Theme. For ease of reference, each Objective has been allocated a unique alphanumeric code incorporating the relevant Agenda Theme number (1A, 1B and so forth). Concise descriptions of each Objective, together with supporting references in footnote format and illustrations amplifying points made in the text summary, are provided in the following chapter.

Correlations between Agenda and Strategy

Tables listing the Strategic Objectives that form the foundation of the Research Strategy are displayed beneath the list of Agenda Topics defined for each Theme, with key correlations between Objectives and Topics denoted by filled circles.

Fig.3.1 Lidar technology2 provides exciting new opportunities for landscape research, and figures prominently in this research framework. It is a particularly effective reconnaissance technique in densely wooded landscapes, where the use of algorithms to filter out vegetation makes it possible to record earthworks and other features concealed beneath the tree canopy. This image shows the palimpsest of earthworks that are concealed beneath the woodland canopy in Lea Wood near Cromford, including what appears to be an embanked ridge-top enclosure of uncertain date and function (centre: top; source data © Environment Agency)

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