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The Project Team

Development of this interactive digital resource was led by David Knight and Blaise Vyner, with assistance from Trent & Peak Archaeology staff Alison Montgomery, Tina Roushannafas, Kate Smart, Samantha Stein and Vicky Owen and is currently being managed by David Knight and Vicky Owen. The project team is supported by Dan Miles, Historic England Research Resources Officer, and by a Steering Group and specialist advisors  drawn from across the historic environment spectrum. The membership of both groups has changed over time, and currently these comprise the following:

  • Steering Group: Anna Badcock, Steve Baker, Jim Brown, Richard Clark, Nick Cooper, Ian George, Mark Holmes, David Ingham, Louise Jennings, Carenza Lewis, Jason Mordan, Liz Mordue, Fiona Newton, Matt Nicholas, Marilyn Palmer, Mark Pearce, Ursilla Spence, Blaise Vyner and Alison Williams
  • Specialist Advisors: Richard Buckley, Simon Collcutt, Lynden Cooper, Lee Elliott, Rachael Hall, Colin Haselgrove, Andy J Howard, Ann Inscker, Judith Jesch, Howard Jones, Richard Jones, Chris Loveluck, Sarah Metcalfe, Angela Monckton, James Rackham, Jeremy Taylor and Steven Willis

Former members of both of the above groups are identified in the acknowledgements.